Bed Sheet Sizes and Dimensions Guide

By Janith Lee, August 24, 2022

We all know how frustrating it can be to wrestle to keep your fitted sheet from popping off or lose your flat sheet amidst your comforter. Choosing the right bed sheet sizes prevents this hassle at night and helps you get to sleep sooner.

There are industry standards and regulations for mattress dimensions, but not for bed sheets and accessories. So, there are slight variations in bed sheet sizes based on the brand you buy from, give or take several inches. We dive into the approximate bed sheet sizes and dimensions to help you better understand what sheets will best fit your mattress.

Bed Sheet Sizes and Dimensions

Mattress SizeFitted SheetFlat SheetBed SkirtComforter
Twin (38 x 75 inches)39-40 x 75-76 inches60-75 x 90-102 inches38 x 75 inches68 x 86 inches
Twin XL (38 x 80 inches)39-40 x 80 inches60-75 x 102-114 inches38 x 80 inches68 x 90 inches
Full/Double (54 x 75 inches)54-55 x 76 inches84-90 x 90-96 inches54 x 75 inches86 x 86 inches
Queen (60 x 80 inches)62 x 82 inches92-102 x 88-115 inches60 x 80 inches90 x 90 inches
King (76 by 80 inches)78 x 82 inches102-110 x 88-115 inches76 x 80 inches104-106 x 90-92 inches
California King (72 by 84 inches)73 x 84-85 inches108-111 x 102-114 inches72 x 85 inches102 x 96 inches


Twin mattresses are the smallest standard mattress size. A twin size bed is best suited for children, guest bedrooms, individuals sharing a room, and single sleepers with limited bedroom space.

Mattress: 39 by 75 inches

Fitted Sheet: 39-40 by 75-76 inches

Flat Sheet: 60-75 by 90-102 inches

Bed Skirt: 39 by 75 inches

Comforter: 68 by 86 inches

Twin XL

Twin XL mattresses are the slightly longer version of a twin mattress and are common in college dorms or studio apartments. Standard twin comforters and flat sheets can fit on twin XL beds, but you can find specific twin XL sheets and comforters for a more precise fit.

Mattress: 39 by 80 inches

Fitted Sheet: 39-40 by 80 inches

Flat Sheet: 60-75 by 102-114 inches

Bed Skirt: 39 by 80 inches

Comforter: 68 by 90 inches


While full size beds are reasonably wide, we still only recommend them for individual sleepers versus couples. Double beds are a good option if you’re looking for extra room to stretch out, but don’t have enough space or the budget for a queen mattress.

Mattress: 54 by 75 inches

Fitted Sheet: 54-55 by 76 inches

Flat Sheet: 84-90 by 90-96 inches

Bed Skirt: 54 by 75 inches

Comforter: 86 by 86 inches


Queen mattresses are the smallest mattress we recommend for two adult sleepers to use comfortably. Queen size beds are also an excellent option for single sleepers who want lots of space to themselves.

Mattress: 60 by 80 inches

Fitted Sheet: 62 by 82 inches

Flat Sheet: 92-102 by 88-115 inches

Bed Skirt: 60 by 80 inches

Comforter: 90 by 90 inches


King size beds are the widest mattress size. King mattresses also come in a split king variation, meaning the mattress is split in two for couples with different firmness preferences or to use a split adjustable base. King beds provide couples with ample personal space and single sleepers with lots of space to toss and turn at night.

Mattress: 76 by 80 inches

Fitted Sheet: 78 by 82 inches

Flat Sheet: 102-110 by 88-115 inches

Bed Skirt: 76 by 80 inches

Comforter: 104-106 by 90-92 inches

California King

If you’re a taller sleeper, consider getting a California king, the longest standard mattress size. Cal kings are a bit narrower than standard king mattresses, but still provide plenty of space for both couples and single sleepers to sleep comfortably.

Mattress: 72 by 84 inches

Fitted Sheet: 73 by 84-85 inches

Flat Sheet: 108-111 by 102-114 inches

Bed Skirt: 72 by 84 inches

Comforter: 102 by 96 inches

Pocket Depth of Your Fitted Sheet

When buying bed sheets, be sure to consider your mattress depth since it impacts the pocket depth you’ll need for your fitted sheet. Most mattresses are between 7 to 12 inches thick, but some mattresses can be upwards of 25 inches thick.

Based on your mattress’s thickness, you’ll need the following pocket depth for your fitted sheet:

  • 7 to 12 inches: Standard
  • 13 to 17 inches: Deep
  • 18 to 25 inches: Extra Deep


What size bed sheets fit an Olympic queen?

Olympic queens are 66 inches wide and 80 inches long, making them 6 inches wider than a standard queen mattress. If you can’t find sheets specifically made for an Olympic queen, you can get away with using queen fitted sheets with deep or extra-deep pockets. Standard queen sheets and comforters can fit, but they may be a little narrow and expose your mattress. King sheets and comforters also work, but they may be a little too long.

Is a king comforter too big for a queen bed?

The typical king comforter is roughly 105 inches wide and 90 inches long, while the typical queen comforter is 90 inches wide and 90 inches long.

Queen comforters already account for overhang on a queen bed, so if you used a king comforter, there’d be another 15 inches of overhang and the comforter would possibly drag on the ground. Therefore, we don’t recommend using a king comforter on a queen bed unless your mattress is extra-thick or raised high off the floor.

Should a duvet cover be the same size as the comforter?

Your duvet cover should be roughly the same size as your comforter or duvet, if not 1 or 2 inches larger to account for possible shrinkage when washed. Duvet covers should fit snugly over your comforter and any extra fabric would be a hassle to deal with at night. If you want your comforter to feel fuller, you can use a slightly smaller duvet cover.

What’s the difference between a bed sheet and a bedspread?

A bed sheet is a piece of fabric designed to keep sleepers warm or protect a mattress. A bedspread is a top cover on a bed and while it functions as a blanket, it’s always used in addition to another duvet or comforter. Bedspreads are commonly used decoratively in hotels or guest bedrooms, but they’re not a necessary type of bed linen.

Do you really need a bed skirt?

Bed skirts are decorative linens meant to finish the look of your bed. They were traditionally used to cover box springs since they were rather unattractive. However, since newer mattresses don’t need a box spring and are typically on a platform bed frame, it’s not necessary to have a bed skirt for anything other than aesthetic purposes.


When looking for the right bedding, it’s best to get the corresponding sheets for your mattress size. Sizing up or down in bedding means it won’t fit well on your mattress, either causing too much overhang or not covering your mattress properly.

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