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Better sleep made simple

Other mattress brands use fancy names and complicated layers to justify charging high prices. At Vaya, we make a simple mattress that offers pure comfort using the perfect blend of our two Vaya Foams.

Vaya mattress

Sleep in pure comfort — all night, every night

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The perfect blend of bounce and pressure relief

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Cool comfort with bounce

Breathable Vaya Comfort Foam keeps you cool and contours to your body for pure comfort

Pressure-relieving support

Vaya Base Foam provides stable support that relieves pain-causing pressure points

Breathable softness

The plush Vaya cover is delightfully soft and ultra-breathable to prevent overheating

Our pure comfort promise

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We make sleep simple, comfortable, and affordable

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We make sleep simple, comfortable, and affordable


Instead of using complicated layers, the Vaya Mattress features the perfect blend of two light and fresh Vaya Foams.


Our Vaya Comfort Foam has an open-cell design. It contours to your body for pure comfort and wicks away warm air to keep you cool.


At Vaya, we believe everyone deserves to sleep in pure comfort. And by keeping things simple, we can offer better sleep for less.

Vaya pillow

Elevate your sleep

Explore the Vaya Pillow

Rest your head in pure comfort

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Breathable softness

The Vaya cover's ultra-breathable design complements the ventilated memory foam, enhancing airflow and preventing overheating for a restful slumber.

Contouring support

Experience the contouring support of our temperature-reactive memory foam, which provides a personalized sleep experience that's both plush and supportive.

Vaya pillow bedside

Enjoy pure comfort starting at $449

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